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Numsa wants ANC to amend constitution

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Date : Wed, 2012-06-13 07:02
The National Union of Metalworkers of SA will seek to persuade the ANC during its policy conference to amend the constitution in a bid to eradicate inequalities, unemployment and poverty.

Numsa general secretary Irvin Jim told a media briefing in Johannesburg yesterday that South Africa required a revolutionary socio-economic platform to move forward.

Jim said the ANC government would not be able to change the lives of the majority because of the constraints of some sections of the constitution.

He said should the ANC be brave in the face of criticism and change the constitution, a majority of people, particularly blacks, would overwhelmingly vote for it.

"Our government cannot break the back of white monopoly capital and its population that has become an enclave swimming in wealth.

We think Section 25 (which deals with the land issue) should be reviewed.

We think the sunset clauses have not helped us.

"If the ANC were to take a decision at its policy conference and at its national conference to review the constitution, they'll get more than a two-thirds majority (in elections).

"This will be in the interest of blacks and whites because unless all have equal access to the wealth of the country, this is going nowhere in terms of building a new, democratic South Africa," said Jim.

Numsa president Cedric Gina said should the ANC fail to secure a two-thirds majority in the next elections, it would rely on like-minded parties like the PAC and Azapo for support to change the constitution.

"Even if in the next elections we fail to get a two-thirds majority, and I do not think we will fail, we will rely on parties like the PAC and Azapo, who historically support the land question."

The congress also said all state-owned enterprises should be nationalised and their mandates be changed to deliver services.

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