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Terms of Use

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(What Is This?)
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Date : Thu, 2011-12-22 08:42
Freedom should not be feared

Dear User!

Azadnegar is the first International News Agency in the world which is user-based. Registering in Azadnegar would give you the capacity to become an important and influential journalist and/or reporter.

There is no limitation in posting news in Azadnegar. However, this free news agency has its own terms of use.


    If you post news content which is not your own production, give the original resource.
    As far as possible, Azadnegar user should try to validate his/her news by documentation (You can attach photo, movie, and other kinds of files).
    You are what you post. We will give certain credits to the users who publish valid and influential news.
    In the following cases, the published news will be deleted and an email about the reason of deletion will be sent to the user. If a user continues to violate the principles, Azadnegar will close his/her profile.
    If the posted content is not news.
    If the posted content violates moral issues.
    If the posted content is not reasonable or logical.
    If the posted content looks for advertising goods, services, companies, etc.
    Azadnegar International News Agency ensures its users that their personal information provided in "user profile" will never be disclosed to a third party.

By accessing this News Agency, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions appeared in this document.

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